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In Search of: Green Carters Knot Blanket


Kind of an unusual request here, but a fellow Marfan Mom (and a good friend of mine), Steph, is looking for a GREEN Carters Knot Blanket. Her son, Logan, uses his as a comfort item, particularly for his heart surgeries. He’s had 2 so far, with more surgeries on the horizon. Problem is, his blanket is on its last threads, and Carters doesn’t make this blanket any more.

She’s searched Amazon, Ebay, and local consignment shops. They only have the blue version, and Logan is uninterested in that one.

If you happen to have a green version of this blanket that is no longer being used, Steph would love to buy it from you!

green carters knot blanket

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  1. I have a blanket that is the same light green and is the Carter’s brand. It is not a knot blanket, but maybe someone who sews could turn it into one? I posted a picture of it on Your link that Rachel Conklin shared. You are more than welcome to it if Your son would like it.


    marfmom Reply:

    i will pass this on to steph, thanks!


  2. I have that exact blanket in excellent condition. I was contacted by a friend of a friend of the parents. I’m hoping to hand the blanket off to this friend on Sat. 3/8/14. My thoughts and prayers are with this family and brave little boy.


    marfmom Reply:

    Thank you SOOOOO much! There was a lot of celebrating when we heard from Steph that you were willing to pass along the blanket!


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