IEP Season


It’s that time…IEP testing. J is approaching his 3rd birthday, which means transitioning from early intervention to – maybe – school district services.

I stress over this stuff. There’s a lot at stake! I find that this time around I’m stressing slightly less than normal though and oddly enough it might be because this is a total crapshoot.

He’s got delays, that’s obvious. Whether he’s delayed “enough”….all the therapists who have tested him thus far say he’s on the cusp and they won’t know till they score him whether or not he’ll qualify. Well, PT is pretty sure he WON’T qualify with her, which I expected because the kid can walk and jump and if you can do those things you basically won’t qualify for school PT. But he’s on the cusp for speech because of how they evaluate it, and I imagine he’ll be on the border for OT as well.

Several of the women doing the testing are already involved with M, so I’ve known them for a couple of years now. They’ve watched J grow up and I feel like they do want him to be successful. I guess that helps me be less stressed. For some of M’s meetings over the years I’ve felt like it was about saving money and not about what M really needed. I am not feeling like that now though. I hope that I continue feeling that way througout the rest of the process. J has 2 more testing days (1 in home, 1 TBD) and then our IEP meeting is in about 4 weeks.

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