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I Finally Did It!


I looked at the scale yesterday morning and finally saw my pre-pregnancy weight staring back at me! It took me a little longer this time than after I had M, but I feel like I gained more this time around too (probably due to the bed rest). I didn’t keep track of my weight gain with either pregnancy, but based on my weight 1 month postpartum, I’d guess I gained close to 60 lbs. Ouch. But, at least it’s gone now! :-)

One month postpartum:

14 months, 3 weeks postpartum:

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  1. You look gorgeous! Congrats!


  2. Yea! Congratulations!!


  3. Congratulations!!


  4. Skinny minny!


  5. Looking great!! So did you do anything specific to lose it?


    marfmom Reply:

    not really. in the beginning i counted calories using but i rarely have time to do exercise and then i got lazy and quit recording what i ate. i probably would have lost it a lot faster if i’d kept up with counting the calories. :-p


  6. Great job! Since I still haven’t regained my pre-pregnancy weight I am extra proud of you.


  7. You look AMAZING!! Big congrats to you!


  8. you look great…having a hard time losing weight here and I wasn’t pregnant:(


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