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Holiday Plans


We’re gearing up for Christmas over here! I’m not sure what it is – school? adoption paperwork? the lack of snow (which I am not complaining about, btw!)? – but it doesn’t really feel like Christmas yet. Christmas shopping is basically complete, most of the gifts are wrapped. Oh, except for, you know, the teacher, therapist, and bus driver gifts! Somehow those escaped me this year. Mark baked 2 loaves of bread yesterday (yes, my gluten-free husband bakes fabulous gluten-y bread!) for M’s teacher and the classroom aide. If I have time I’m going to attempt 2 smaller loaves for his speech therapist and classroom OT sometime today. His 2 bus drivers, the bus aide, his private OT, and J’s case manager and developmental specialist will have to wait.

I am excited for our Christmas traditions though! Since this is our first Christmas in Ohio we’re also trying to forge some new ones. This weekend will bring the return of the Christmas Eve Eve party, a tradition started by a family friend of ours which has now spread to several other states. It’ll be the first one we’ve held in a few years, what with J’s birth in 2012 and moving in 2011. This is also the first Christmas tree we’ve had since 2009! I’m making two kinds of soups, a salad, and my family’s famous cranberry salad, plus cookies for the kids to decorate (they’re Pillsbury…shhh!).

My mom and sister are coming in on Christmas Eve. That evening we’re going to church with my in-laws because Mark is going to sing in the choir there. We’ll also have to do our annual Christmas light drive. Christmas morning we read the Christmas story in the bible, eat gluten-free cinnamon rolls, and do stockings/presents (yes, Santa comes here, but no elf on the shelf). I’m hosting Christmas dinner too; between Mark’s family and my mom and sister there will be 11 of us.

What are your holiday plans?

christmas stockings

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  1. M, M, M, J. Ha ha, love it!


    marfmom Reply:

    My friend Debbie calls us M^3 J, haha


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