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Here are some pictures of graduation (my brother and in-laws came and then we all had a big dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Yum! Thanks Zimmerman-Fiscos!)

Ellen, Abbie, and me

Belly pic…sort of (it was windy and the robes are big so it’s kind of hard to tell where my belly begins or ends)

And don’t worry about me being bored now that school is OVER! I have a lot of projects to do. I’m currently working on:

  • finding funding sources for the National Marfan Foundation conference and then writing grants for those funds
  • editing some articles for NetWellness
  • finishing an evaluation tool for Columbus Urban League
  • mailing out Christmas cards
  • a baby bib
  • Christmas shopping/wrapping presents

Soon I’ll be starting:

  • the Twilight series (per my promise to Megan)
  • trying out my breadmaker

Of course there are also the more basic tasks of getting ready for the baby, grocery shopping, organizing the apartment for the movers, and eating (yes, some days this seems like a task because I’m not in the mood to cook at ALL).

I am so happy :-)

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  1. You’ll love the twilight series! :) I did – kept me busy for a whole 2 weeks – all 4 books in 2 weeks. Yes my poor children went neglected – ha!


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