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Giving Side-Eye


angry toddler

I’ll admit it. I laughed. Kid’s a bit dramatic. Nooooo idea where that comes from, *coughcough.*

Any of your kids have a talent for the side-eye or pout?

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  1. I would have laughed too! I don’t get that, but if I yell at Jacob about something, he bursts into tears and runs to his brother’s arms. Joshua then strokes him and comforts him like I’m the bad guy. Gotta love them.


  2. OMG yes. And the squinty eye….


  3. We get eye rolls similar to that look from Samantha.


  4. I get that with all my toddlers and preschoolers here at the house. My youngest daughter mastered this by age 2. lol She still gives it sometimes. :)


  5. This is cracking me up!


  6. Grace is the side-eye queen! And the eye rolling is starting as well — oh the pre-preteen years!!! :) Will still hasnt perfected it but I see it coming!!! So funny.


  7. “Nooooo idea where that comes from, *coughcough.*”

    Clearly his father. Clearly. :-)


    marfmom Reply:

    Good answer!


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