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First of all, I just want to make sure that everyone knows the post by Dumb Mom was an April Fool’s joke, since I got a question or two about that. For better or for worse, this is still very much MY blog. ☺)

I’m featuring three bloggers this week.

Catherine and Loralee are friends. I’m presenting them together because this week, they did a joint post about beauty and the importance of telling other people they are beautiful. The two women were at a conference, Loralee spoke about feeling less than beautiful, Catherine could relate and poof! the idea was born. Catherine’s post, Some Shape of Beauty, talks about Loralee’s beauty and Loralee’s post, You’re Beautiful to Me, discusses Catherine’s. Both women are encouraging other bloggers to follow suit. If you want to blog about beauty (your friend’s, a stranger’s, your own, whatever), you can link up your post at Catherine’s blog, Her Bad Mother. I love both of these bloggers and you should carve out some time to read more of their posts, but I wanted to highlight them today because I think this beauty meme is such a great idea!

Kayce is a blogger I think I found through a #followfriday on Twitter. She’s mom to one, doula, and aspiring midwife. Kayce is a wealth of birth-related information and so sweet; her passion for birth is palpalble. Kayce was recently published in Midwifery Today and it’s that article, What I Wish I Had Seen, that I’m featuring today. She writes about her thoughts of birth and the experiences that helped shape her into a birthing advocate, specifically a homebirthing advocate. I’m not a candidate for homebirth myself but I love the idea and if anyone is interested in the subject, Kayce is a great person to talk with!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the blogs! I recently found Kayce and enjoy her writing as well. Stopping by from SITS


  2. Hey fellow April Fool’s prankster :-)
    I’m after you in the SITS roll call today and came over to say Hi!


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