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Welcome to Friday Favorites! If you’re new to the blog, here’s how to play along. Every Friday I devote my post to showcasing awesome blog posts by other bloggers that I’ve read over the past week or two. Then, I invite you to do the same and link up. This is any easy way to share the love and find great new blogs.

If you’ve ever wondered about babywearing before, if you wore your kids in a moby wrap or mei tai everywhere, or if you are really confused what I’m talking about, check out Emily over at Joyful Abode’s piece, In Celebration of Babywearing. This week is International Babywearing Week, so Emily put together the most comprehensive babywearing post I’ve seen to date. You can find links on the CPSC actions, videos, readers’ stories, kids’ books on babywearing, giveaway/promo code links, and tutorials for making your own sling/mei tai. Bonus? Emily’s got all kinds of great gluten-free and grain-free recipes on her blog as well!

If you like birth stories, check out Noble Savage’s post Yeah, I Did Get a Medal for Birth. She doesn’t outline her son’s birth story in great detail, but rather focuses on the idea that maybe women shouldn’t share their happy birth stories and how she doesn’t believe that. She advocates that it’s ok to be proud of yourself for a birth gone well. I really love this line: “The thing is, birth doesn’t even have a finish line; it’s a starting point.”

And now, for something completely different. My friend Kristi passed along the post I Guess Passing Notes is Passe, written by Jersey Diva Mom. JDM’s teenage son dumped a poor girl via texting and she taught him a lesson. I’m storing this post for twenty years from now when M. has his first girlfriend 😉

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  1. love the jersey diva post on texting :)


  2. What a great idea to feature blogs you are loving…I don’t know if I’d do it every week, but I really like the idea! I read some really great things and would love to share them. Hmmm…thanks for getting me thinking!
    P.S. Stopping by from the Spring Chickens Tribe…


  3. I love International Babywearing Week. My little monkeys are a bit too big to wear at this point but they still try :-)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend …

    Another fellow Spring Chicken!


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