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Welcome to Friday Favorites! If you’re new to the blog, here’s how to play along. Every Friday I devote my post to showcasing awesome blog posts by other bloggers that I’ve read over the past week or two. Then, I invite you to do the same and link up. This is any easy way to share the love and find great new blogs. :-)

The Guilty Squid is humor blogger. I came across her post Ways To Avoid An Unfortunate Engagement And Probably Also Be Served With A Restraining Order and laughed out loud. How does she even come up with all of these? I wish I was so funny and creative!

I just started talking with Devan of Accustomed Chaos recently; turns out she has celiac just like Mark does. (As an aside, if you’re looking to go gluten free, she’s a great person to chat with!) Devan is also a staunch breastfeeding supporter. In her post WHO Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes And How It Protects Breastfeeding & Formula Feeding, she breaks down the World Health Organization’s rules for formula marketing and why they matter to breastfeeding and formula feeding mamas alike. If you’ve never heard of the code before or aren’t sure why so many of us care about it, make sure to check out this post.

Last but not least, I’m excited to introduce you to Katy of Bird on the Street. She’s written two posts this week that I love. The first, Hope, is about Katrina. Though she was out of state when the hurricane hit, most of her family was there. Katy talks about why they came back to Louisiana post-Katrina. I also loved the post The Boy in the Yellow Chair. In it she writes about her son with special needs, Charlie, and the impact he is already making on those around him.

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  1. I appreciate the kind words! Thank you so much for including me.


  2. Thanks for sharing! Great links!


  3. I used the Marketing tactics for formula companies and how they were morally wrong in 3rd world countries for a paper I had to write for school. Its actually an example of bad PR and Marketing in one of my text books!


  4. Just stopping by from SITS and thought I would say hello :)


  5. Aw thanks so much for highlighting my post :) I appreciate your support ♥


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