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It’s Friday and that means: FRIDAY FAVORITES TIME! I’ve got a lot of great posts for you to peruse today. So without further ado, in no particular order:

Luschka, Diary of a First Child: I enjoyed her post Whose Baby Is It Anyway? Luschka discusses the idea of parents being the expert about their children. Basically, doctors and other experts might have some great suggestions for us, but they’re not the ones living with our children and so we’re the ones who need to decide what works best for our kids.

Melissa, Confessions of a Dr. Mom: Breastfeeding Broke My Heart is a beautiful piece. Melissa, a pediatrician, was diagnosed with the rare condition Insufficient Glandular Tissue and unable to exclusively breastfeed her children. I admire not only how hard she worked to get out what milk she could, but how willing she is to tell her story to raise awareness about IGT. She also links to pages with more information about IGT if you’re interested in learning more.

Shannon, Three Seven: You may remember me talking about the BlogHer conference a couple of weeks ago. I desperately want to attend next year. Of all the BlogHer recap posts I read, BlogHer ’10 sums up the feeling and meaning of this conference better than all of them. It’s a beautiful thing.

Brandie, ParentCentral.CA: One of the events at BlogHer this year was TuTus for Tanner. Tanner is the nephew of one of my favorite bloggers, Catherine of Her Bad Mother, and he is dying. TuTus for Tanner was just one of a few events that weekend set up to help raise money for Tanner’s mother to redo her basement so that Tanner is able to die at home, surrounded by loved ones, instead of in a hospital. Brandie’s article explains the event and has some beautiful pictures.

Amber Strocel and Crunchy Carpets: I’m linking up this last post to let you know about The Purple Program to help raise awareness of and prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome. They’re on the lookout for knitters and for women (who birthed in Canada) to share their parenthood stories. Please check out these posts and contribute if you can.

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  1. looks like some great posts! can’t wait to go check them out


  2. Thank you for the mention! I’m always thrilled when I see myself mentioned by such fabulous bloggers as yourself! It makes my day! I’m off to read some of the others now…


  3. Wow, I have actually never seen this before. Sharing five of your favorite posts from others each week? That feels like really sharing the love. I might have to try that. Thanks for posting this.:)


  4. I’m a new follower of yours. I’m a medical drama TV junkie too! =)


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