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Friday Favorites


Welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites!

First up, I got a post by Jen of Baby Making Machine. She’s chronicled her trying to conceive and pregnancy journeys and three weeks ago became mother to daughter Lil’ J. The post 2012 discusses the changes in her thinking since having her daughter.

Babe_Chilla is a great follow on Twitter, especially if you’re a West Coaster who stays up late. I can really relate to her article Redefining Happy. I pledge to make lists each day for the next week of everything that made me smile and see what a difference that makes. Join me!

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  1. I read Jen’s post this morning before getting out of bed. I’ve really enjoyed watching her evolution from married woman to mother. It’s a beautiful thing to witness, isn’t it?
    I’m off to read the other blog you recommended. Glad I could play along with Friday Favorites today, even if it was a plug for the guest post I wrote over at Our Mommyhood. lol Have a great weekend Maya.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  2. This looks like a great collection, I’m looking forward to reading more especially BabyMaking Machine, didn’t realise she’d had her daughter. Where have I been?!!!


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