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Friday Favorites


Just a quick Friday Favorites tonight!

GuiltySquid is doing a series of guest posts about body weight issues. In her post I’m Trying to Stage a Movement or Organize a Coup. More of One Than the Other, but I’m Not Objecting to Both. I’ll Get Back to You on the Coup, on the blog 365 Days: 30+ Mommyhood, she discusses her desire to remove weight from our definition of what is beauty. Her daughter was only four years old when she began to worry about how she looked. Why do we allow this? Head on over to her post to see what GultySquid suggests we do instead!

Also, check out this neat video that Kiboomu sent me! It’s was created as part of the I Believe She’s Amazing project.

Also, sorry this video is spilling over the edge. Any idea how I can fix that?

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  1. You can actually go into the html code of the video and change the dimensions to something that will fit into your space! The px #’s are listed twice in the code, so change both sets and voila!!!


    marfmom Reply:

    Thank you! I will tweak this first thing in the AM!


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