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For those of you new to my blog, every Friday (ok, most) I post links to some posts that I’ve enjoyed reading over the week and encourage all of you to do the same and link up here.

I’ve read Mom 101 for quite awhile, but her post A rivederci, Gino really spoke to me. It’s a beautiful tribute to Gino’s Restaurant, an establishment that shaped her formative years, especially her relationship with her grandfather. It closed last month after 65 years. Check out the entry; it’ll tug your heartstrings.

I just came across Wood Turtle’s blog and will be reading much more frequently now! Wood Turtle writes about islam and feminism. I was introduced to her via her post MILFing it for all its worth. She discusses being sexually harassed by a teenage boy while running in a park and how the incident was kind of turned around on her and what that means about society as a whole. Really fascinating and I definitely agree with her! As the mother of a son, I feel it’s my responsibility to raise him to treat women (and men) with the respect they deserve and not allow him to think that actions like grabbing a woman’s rear end is in any way appropriate.

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  1. Your featured blogs sound great. Can’t wait to check them out! Have a great weekend Maya.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  2. Hi stopping by from SITS. I had never heard of Marfan before. I think blogs are a great way to spread awareness.


  3. The features sound interesting – yay for finding interesting stuff!

    “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest”!


  4. Just wanted to say… love ur blog. U make me smile!


  5. I’m going to check out your showcased blogs. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. I love finding great blogs that showcase other great blogs! Thank you much!!!


  7. Happy SITS Saturday!!! Enjoyed looking through your site. My sister and I are both nurses so we also love medical shows!!! I will look forward to reading your blog more :-)



  8. Thanks so much for mentioning a post that was really special to me too. Now off to check out Wood Turtle – wow.


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