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Farmers’ Market


I was itching to get out of the house yesterday and for once, M didn’t want to go to the library. It took awhile to think up something to do, but I remembered a farmers’ market that my father-in-law had recommended when we first moved back to Ohio. I loooove farmers’ markets!

On the way there, M started feeling me out. “So…I have an idea. Maybe I can get a tweet dere Mommy. Yaaah, maybe I can get a tweet!”

“Maybe…what kind of treat would you want?” I fully expected him to say cookies but nope! He wanted cherries. Yay for a “tweet” Mommy can get behind!

We had one little hiccup at the beginning with M being upset he couldn’t sit in the cart, but luckily cherries were the first thing by the front door (yes…the farmers’ market was set up like a grocery store, interestingly enough). The cherries. Were. Huge! In fact, most of the produce looked amazing…it was hard to choose what to get for lunch!

farmers' market lunch

Our bounty

Overall it was a fun outing and the boys and I will definitely be back. Added benefit? Baby J was willing to eat some of the food, which is always a bonus! :-)
Toddler eating lunch
Preschooler eating lunch

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  1. You need to head to the West Side Market — they have The Best Food on the Planet! I don’t know their hours, but you must go. We shopped there every week when I was growing up and if I lived within driving distance, I’d only shop there.
    AND these boys could not be cuter!


    marfmom Reply:

    Yah, I was really hoping this place would be like the West Side Market. I’ll have to look into their hours.


  2. love that m was working on you before you got there. sounds like ella.

    thanks for linking up!


  3. that pic of m is adorable! post moore


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