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Easter Fun


Did everyone who celebrated have a nice Easter? We had a relaxing one for sure!

We spent the morning listening to a church conference, then I insisted we take Menininho outside for a little Easter egg hunt. He’s 14 months old, likes to put his Noah’s ark toys in the ark, then dump them out again…shouldn’t have been TOO hard to get him to put the eggs in a bag, right?


The Easter egg hunt basically consisted of Menininho ignoring a whole bunch of eggs in plain view.

The Easter basket was a bigger hit though. I’d filled it with pink “grass,” 2 bottles of bubbles, and a stuffed rabbit. Menininho tossed the bottles aside, bit the rabbit in the nose (hard!), and then went straight for – you guessed it! – the grass.

Oh well…he might not have cared, but at least it provided me with a lot of cute pictures!

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  1. He is so adorable! Maybe next year he’ll do better with the egg hunt!


  2. He’ll get it! Chaela was about 16 or so months last year at Easter, so just a little bit older, and she really got into finding eggs. In fact, for weeks after that I would hide her blocks around the living room and give her a bucket to put them in when she found them. It was her favorite game for a while! He’ll get there soon!


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