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County Fair


One of my favorite things about summer time is going to all the fairs. My hometown in Ohio is known for its simple street fair over the 4th of July weekend. Later on in the season there’s a county fair not far away that’s THE place to showcase your 4H projects. And of course we can’t forget the Ohio State Fair!

My brother’s blues band, Aces High, played the home town fair this weekend and I think it made me a little nostalgic (not to mention a smidge homesick) for fairs, so I looked around for one. Lucky for me, my friend Stacey was up for exploring and we rounded up all the kids last week and went. Menininho loved the petting zoo so much, he and I went again with Mark.

Here are some of the highlights!

Can't really tell from this pic, but he did love petting all the animals.


Learning the finer points of firetrucks

Do you love fairs? Any favorite summer traditions?

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  1. I love fairs… the ones I grew up with in Ontario had lots of 4H events, and we always entered the crafts section… not to mention the midway and the food… thanks for the memories!


  2. I grew up spending a month every summer at my grandparents’ home in Indiana. The Indiana State Fair was a highlight of every summer!


  3. The Ohio State Fair has to be the best in the country and the people watching is 98% of the reason I go! Pataskala doesn’t do a 4th of July thing so we went to Pickerington, wasn’t as good as years past…but still good to go!


    marfmom Reply:

    Yah, but Pataskala has the one in August. We used to always go to their parades and get ice cream at the little red hut on the corner of the main intersection (blanking on the name).


    Amanda Reply:

    Oh the Dairy Hut! We go to Cones and Concoctions on the corner of 40 and Taylor Rd. – its cheap and wonderful! We’ve never gone to the fair in August, maybe this year we will!


  4. Wallabies! I would love your fair. We were just thinking we should take our 3-year-old to the Puyallup State Fair next time, because the last time we went we were kid-less, and still, our favorite part was the petting zoo. I actually had this moment where I was getting really annoyed that all the bunnies were being hogged, when I stopped and looked around — and realized I was the only person in the pen over 3 feet tall. Heh heh.


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