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‘Cause Why?


The weekend before last, on the way back from a trip for Mark’s brother’s graduation, I heard a new question from the backseat: “’cause why?”

To be more specific, the conversation went like this:

“Mommy, did you pee in da toy-yet at da gas stayshun?”

“Yes, M, I did.”

“’Cause why?”

“Uh, because that’s where you pee.”

“’Cause why?”

“Otherwise we’d pee on the floor and that’s gross.”

“’Cause why?”

“Because other people’s pee has germs and you don’t want that to make you sick.”

“’Cause why?”

“Because being sick is bad. Do you like being sick?”


“Ok, I rest my case.”

Since then, we’ve heard “’Cause why?” countless times during the day and it. is. awesome. I just get so tickled whenever M asks questions like typical kids and “why” is a huge milestone for him.

M, you’ve come a long way, baby! That said, I do reserve the right to respond with “because I said so” occasionally. :-p

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  1. Yay M!!! Why? is the best question ever – it always requires an answer even if it is “because I said so”. My grama usually ended my “why?” spree with “don’t contradict your elders” (probably because she told me to stop asking her why and I wanted to know why I had to stop asking why!!).


  2. I still get a lot of those questions from a daughter I know… He sure has come a long way baby and I can’t wait to see pictures of him doing his part as a ring bearer


  3. Awesome! Sounds like M is doing well! I wish we lived closer so that we could hang out with you guys!

    My favorite is when you tell them something, say “Please shut the door,” and they ask why, so you tell them “Because the screen is broken and I don’t want bugs in here,” and then they ignore you. So after waiting, then calling their name several times you shout “Close that door, dang it!” and they ask why again and then you DO say “Because I said so!” before you even realize you already told them why, but they were in Tralaland, where all hearing is selective.


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