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Castle Season 4 Finale


Ok, so I was working on another post for today but let’s be honest: I’ve spent the last hour reading forums about and recaps of tonight’s Castle season finale. And really, all I want to talk about is that finale. If you haven’t watched it yet step away from this website because here come the spoilers!

The episode was perfection. It was dramatic without being hokey (and it did toe the line with that returning-to-the-swingset-in-the-pouring-rain bit). The various storylines flowed seamlessly. The arguments were genuine. The characters stayed true to themselves. It was a cliffhanger ending, but one that came with enough resolution that I can be somewhat satisfied to wait till September.

Nit picky complaints:
1) Um…I guess there’s only two. I did find it a bit of a stretch that after all this time, it was so easy for them to track down the shooter. I know the storyline wouldn’t have progressed without them being able to do so, but through a car rental? That just seems to easy. A pro like this guy wouldn’t have left a track like that. I think he would have sooner stolen a car.
2) I loved the tie in with the swingset from the beginning of this season, but adding in a rainstorm was cutting it really close to being in the “too much” category. Sure, a soaked Beckett showing up at Castle’s door was dramatic, but a dry Beckett would have been just as fine.

Favorite moments:
1) The Castle/Beckett argument in her apartment. It went down exactly as it should have. It was an honest, no-holds-barred quarrel. Part of me wasn’t expecting Castle to just walk away – I thought he might say that he’d support her no matter what – but him leaving was the right thing for both of them.
2) Alexis’s speech. Beautifully written, and I loved how they cut to scenes of the various relationships in turmoil while she spoke. Poignant, but not over-the-top.
3) The Kiss(es). We all knew it was coming, but I for one was still on the edge of my seat. It was a heck of a scene, so passionate, but I’m also glad that it ended at that. Props for leaving something to the imagination, rather than having the characters’ first kiss turn immediately into a raunchy sex scene.
4) Mr. Smith. I feel dumb for not realizing that Mr. Smith is whose identity the shooter was after. The final scene in Smith’s apartment/home is a terrific set-up for next season though. It also means that the writers are preparing to wrap up the Johanna Beckett murder storyline (or at least I hope so). I love this plot line, but I do feel like we’re coming to a natural close after what happened tonight and I’m hoping the writers don’t draw it out to the point of jumping the shark.

So. What did YOU think of the finale? How do you think next season will start off? Do you think the writers will pick up pretty close to where this episode left off, or will they flash forward a few weeks/months?

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  1. Only complaint I had really was the lighting in the station. I don’t know whether it was an artistic choice to represent sunset on Kate and Rick, but it was weird.

    I do know they had a bunch of reshoots for the finale so not sure what that effected.

    I loved when Rick told her how he felt. I liked Kate going to see him at the end.

    Really hated the tedious tag about killing her. The show does NOT need to end on a cliffhanger like that. Rick and Kate hooking up was by far the biggest cliffhanger, and they should have left it there, not have that bit at the end that, really, didn’t make me anymore excited for the shows return than Rick and Kate finally getting together did.


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my SITS Day! So nice to meet another Cleveland blogger. Yeah football season at my house is interesting… But kindof fun, too! I grew up in Lakewood, too!


  3. I saw the title of your blog on my blogroll and had to watch the episode before I could read this! I thought it was really good. I’m not sure if they’ll start out immediately or with a flash-forward. I think it depends on where they go with Beckett quitting her job, and if she’s really done or (as so often happens on TV) has changed her mind and returned to the precinct after a little time passed. I think it would be fascinating to see what happens if she really has quit, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prime time TV show where a change that dramatic has occurred and been sustained for more than a few episodes.


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