Musings of a Marfan Mom

Busy Week


I love that now my definition of a busy week means I have one thing to do out of the house all day :-)

Today: I met Danielle for lunch at Panera. This lunch did, in fact, last from 1-5 PM.
Tuesday: I babysit for the Curtis boys for a couple of hours while their mom has her last OB appt. (baby on Friday!)
Wednesday: I drive out to Heath to have lunch with an old friend and hopefully see one of my girlfriends from HS too.
Thursday: This is a DOUBLY busy day because I have an appt. to get some last minute nursing equipment and then a big appt. with my OB (go over my birth plan, make sure my amniotic fluid is fine, see if I’m dilated, and hopefully meet with the anesthesiologist who will be doing my epidural).
Friday: My friend Steph Woolf is on her way to becoming an incredibly fabulous beautician/cosmologist/whatever the proper term is and I’m going to her for a manicure :-)

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