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Best in the World


Wednesday night I made myself some Bisquick drop biscuits to satisfy a carby craving. Mmmmm…..carbs!

Well, yesterday morning there were a couple leftover and, to be honest, I wanted them to myself. Of course, this meant that the Menininho requested them. Being the awesome mother/wife that I am, I convinced M that he really wanted one of his dad’s black cherry Dannon Oikos yogurts instead. (Yes, Mark approved this plan. Don’t give me that look!)

Backstory: M looooves the Dannon Oikos Yogurts. I have one most mornings for breakfast and M must scoop out and eat the remnants of the container after I’m done. If I forget and toss out the container like I did on Tuesday, a meltdown ensues. Not pretty.

Anyway, M was so excited to see the yogurt that he started hyperventilating, then blurted out “Da best Mommy!”

“I’m the best Mommy?” I asked him, trying to clarify.

“Da best! Da best da WORLD Mommy!” he replied.

I teared up. What a sentence! What a sentiment! I sauntered into the bedroom where Mark was playing with Baby J. “Did you hear that? He thinks I’m the best mommy in the world!” Mark congratulated me.

Not bad for someone who got the designation while being a rather stingy mommy!

Later that morning I was bragging to my friend Kristi about my new status when it hit me.

Have you seen this commercial?

Basically, a woman is hosting a house party and people bring her these expensive foods, each of which she proclaims to be “the best in the world.” (You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?) Then John Stamos shows up with a Dannon yogurt and she’s all “if you weren’t John Stamos I’d throw you out of my house for bringing me yogurt” and he’s all “look into my sex-ay eyes and eat that yogurt” so she does and is all “forget the wine and chocolate, this is the best in the world!” and you’re left feeling unsure as to whether she’s talking about the yogurt or John Stamos’s eyes.

As I’ve mentioned before, M has a knack for memorizing logos. Now, he’s apparently moved on to reciting commercials. Scripted speech for the win! Nothing like autism to keep me from getting too big a head!

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  1. LOL! I love it! I don’t care where he got it from, that sentence was awesome!

    I’m also happy for any excuse to gaze at John Stamos for a bit. 😉


  2. I’m going with he thinks you’re the best mommy in the world. Kids with autism often substitute echoed phrases into appropriate scenarios, right? :)


  3. I am going to agree hugely (and I don’t care if that isn’t good english) with Eryn and Ashley!!!


  4. Aw, but you really are the best mommy in the world! He’s making great strides and this is one of them. They never mentioned anything about “the best mommy in the world” in that commercial. He threw “mommy” in there on his own. :)
    Thanks for the shout-out, by the way! I don’t know why, but it totally gives me the giggles. lol


  5. LOVE. (I would have kept the biscuits too.)


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