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Bella Spinner Designs Feature


As promised, this week I am featuring small businesses run by my readers! I am really excited about these stores, and I know you will be too.

I’m arachnaphobic. Like, do not even TELL me about spiders because I will get crawly skin. Make me look at a picture of one? NO WAY.

The spiders from Bella Spinner Designs though? THOSE I will make an exception for. They’re glittery, which makes them cute instead of scary! :-)

Crystal, who is the artist behind Bella Spinner Designs, writes: 30 years ago, my mom made Christmas spider ornaments and webs and sold them at a craft fair. I have one on my Christmas tree and always get comments on it. This year she taught me how to make them, and now I have so many ornaments (and had such fun doing it) that I realized I should open up an Etsy store! My christmas spiders are made from vintage ornaments, beads, glitter and a bit of whimsy, and come with matching webs. It’s good luck to find a spider on your Xmas tree — and they make great gifts, too. Each spider has its own personality and is one of a kind.

I highly recommend checking out Crystal’s store! With all the different colors and sizes of the spiders, you’re sure to find one (or two!) that you love.

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  1. Those are amazing! When I was in preschool, I made a spider ornament out of pompoms and pipe cleaners. I don’t know if my mom still has it, but that might be a good gift idea for her…


  2. Those are beautiful! What a neet idea.


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