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An Unexpected Presentation


I’ve got lots of posts I can’t wait to share with you, about our birthday-slash-i-need-a-break-from-dealing-with-insurance-companies weekend trip to Niagara Falls, the feeding regime we’ve set up, and how J’s official apraxia evaluation went. But (you knew there’d be a ‘but’) I just got asked to give a Grand Rounds presentation 2 weeks from now. That is an hour-long presentation to a group of medical professionals, by another professional. In this instance, I’ll be presenting on pediatric issues in Marfan syndrome & Loeys-Dietz syndrome to a group of pediatricians, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and nutritionists. Last time I did this (as the final project for my Masters degree) I had a few months to prepare; this time I need to have stuff done by the end of this week for everyone who needs to, to review it. I’ve got some posts already scheduled, but the next couple of weeks will be light. Please bear with me! :)

woman at Niagara Falls

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