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A Small Friday Favorites Post


I have some excuses for having a short Friday Favorites post tonight.

1) Grey’s Anatomy. I mean, if you didn’t want this tonight, you might as well never go to the water cooler again because I’m pretty sure this episode is all anyone is going to be talking for awhile. At least till The Bachelorette starts.

2) After mopping up my tears, I went back to tackling the 20 pages of county paperwork that came today to see if Menininho is eligible for services. If you were a fly on the wall in our bedroom, this is what you might hear:
“The question is, do you and your child enjoy mealtimes together?”
“I don’t know, you’re the one home with him all day.”
“Well how do they define enjoy? I mean, we eat together but the kid is only enjoying the meal if he’s standing next to me begging food from my plate. How do I quantify that?”

“When you point at something, does your child look in the direction you are pointing?”
“I’d say never.”
“I’d say sometimes.”
“He looks when you point? Seriously?”
“Well, um, sometimes?”
“He loves you more than me.”
“Better put never.”

Methinks we’re overthinking these questions a smidge.

So, uh aaaanyway, without further ado, check out this tongue-in-cheek post from the apparent Constitution-loving Carina. It made me laugh. And this really cool guest post she did about her breastfeeding trouble. And mocktails.

That is all.

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  1. Yes, I think you were over thinking those questions :). stopping by from SITS.


  2. I agree totally overthinking:)


  3. Fun answers, over-thought or not. :)
    Stopped by from SITS. Have a great Sunday.


  4. proud follower now! your blog is soo much fun! Come follow me back! – happy SUNDAY funday!


  5. I tivo’d this weeks grey’s… hubby and I are huge fans. We cant wait to see this much talked about episode!!! You have great taste in TV shows!

    Visiting from SITS


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