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Do you ever feel like there are different versions of you? I know I do! I kind of compartmentalize myself. There’s Mommy Maya, who has driveway dance parties and reads Fancy Nancy books. There’s Ladies’ Night Out Maya, who tries (and fails, haha) to dress trendy and appear interesting. There’s Primary Teacher Maya and Advocate Maya. Sometimes I’m not sure which one is really Me, or maybe all together they all are.

Saturday though, Mark and I had the opportunity to spend the evening with one of my best friends from high school and his girlfriend (first time I’ve met her and she’s awesome!). It was so comfortable!

Since entering the “real adult world” (also known as “post-college life”) I’m more guarded about making friends. They’re harder to find just by reason of not working or going to school and I worry about being accepted (getting rejected from playgroup is not fun). I don’t think I’d realized how much nervous tension I’d been carrying around about it until it all melted away Saturday night.

I didn’t have to worry whether J and T would be irritated by my kids or whether I was dressed appropriately. We just had a great evening of nerding out and reminiscing about high school. It was the most relaxed I’ve felt in awhile. My wise friend Ashley suggested perhaps we feel most comfortable around old high school friends because they put us in a touch with a more lighthearted version of ourselves.

What do you think? Do you have friends from a certain era of your life that make you feel more “you” than others?

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One Comment

  1. I totally have a split-mom personality. I am therapy mom, tyrant mom (the one who makes Allie clean up after herself!), working mom (where I get to wear real clothes and not have Boo droppings on my shirt). I am also a wife that tries to remember she has a husband, a housekeeper who tries to keep everyone fed and washed, the puppy walker and once in a while I wear heals on date night.

    But with my friend Tia? I am just Kerri. The girl she has known since 7th grade when all was right in our world.

    I sometimes think I have more personalities than Sybil!


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