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A Hitch in McKenzie’s Plans


McKenzie’s family hasn’t posted anything on her Facebook page, but I just read this article in the Tallahassee Democrat, which says McKenzie’s trip to Johns Hopkins for surgery has been put on hold indefinitely. She was supposed to fly out this morning, but yesterday the local hospital decided to refuse a medical release. Without that release, the pilot who had volunteered his time and plane is not allowed to fly her. The hospital has said that they will only release McKenzie to a Johns Hopkins medical transport.

Please pray that the bureacratic details are taken care of soon, and that Johns Hopkins will be willing and able to send a plane to get McKenzie, so that she may have her surgery.

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  1. I will be praying. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Praying Maya, what a heart break.


  3. Hi from SITS… prayers your way.


  4. Oh, poor sweet little baby! I am sorry for all she is experiencing! Very scary!


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