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A Conversation With M


It’s just another morning in our household, as I try to prep M for the day:

“Guess what? We’re going to go to SOCCER this morning!”
“No, we’re not going to go to McDonalds afterwards this time. We’re going to go somewhere really fun!”
“We’re going to go to the FAIR! There will be animals and space to run around there.”
“Well, it’s a little like the zoo, except you can pet these animals.”

“Yes, we can see the bathrooms there.”
“Yes, there will probably be some Hondas there.”
“GREEN Hondas!”
“Um, there might be a green Honda. I don’t know.”
“See bathrooms! Sink!”

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  1. LoL Kids say the most wonderful things. My nephew was recently setting up his train town and was putting down a house. He says to his Grama this is a mood house. She questions what is a mood house? Evan says you know if you’re in the mood or not in the mood. Kids.


  2. This made me laugh out loud. I <3 kids.


  3. I love kid conversations! The funniest thing that Aurora has recently said involves our trip to Tombstone, AZ. I asked her what she thought about the things we had done that day and she said ” I too scared, daddy carried me, we looked at bird cages.” We had gone on a tour of the Bird Cage Theater, it was just so classic. Kids are so funny!


  4. Lol. Green Hondas got me. The world is definitely different through a child’s eyes.


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