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A Break


The last month of sickness, missed therapy appointments, cold, and rain has really gotten to me. I’ve been stressed, not sleeping well, and my writing has stunk. In some ways that’s the worst part. Usually, no matter how stressful a day is, I can at least spend a few hours writing after the kids go to bed. With this funk I haven’t even been able to think of things to write about, let alone put together something I’m proud to post.

So one night last week I looked at Mark and told him I needed to get out of town. I needed a break from the routine because I only know what day it is based on which therapists are showing up at our house. When life revolves around M’s appointments and nothing else, it’s time for a break: a break from autism.

Saturday morning, we’re leaving town and taking the boys to the beach. I. Am. So. Excited! I know we can’t totally take a vacation from autism, any more than we can take a break from Marfan syndrome, but this is going to be a carefree weekend.

What we’re NOT going to do:
1) Turn everything into a therapy activity
2) Record behaviors
3) Spend the day analyzing sensory causes and effects
4) Bring the computer

What we ARE going to do:
1) Go to a farm that offers pony rides, train rides, and a huge digging pit
2) Eat yummy food
3) Walk on the beach
4) Take lots of pictures
5) Laugh
6) Sing
7) Stay overnight in a hotel
8 ) Sleeeeep

I’m sure I’ll have some great pictures to share with you next week.

What are you doing this weekend? Anyone else taking a break from life?

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  1. Sounds lovely! We were actually considering a trip up to see Brad’s family, but Joshua got sick so I’m not sure we’re still going to do that. We could certainly use a break too. Have a great time!


  2. Have a wonderful time! My Grama used to say that sometimes a change is as good as a rest and you are really getting both!! I am happy and excited for you (I will miss you on the computer but I will be fine LoL) Hugs


  3. Yeah to no computers!!! Yeah to fun. Yeah to beach. I’m excited for all of you.


  4. I am happy you are all getting away! More excited about your return stories of the adventures, so I can live through them!!! You’re so right about everyone needing a break from life & the norm routine!


  5. That sounds amazing. Have a wonderful time! You all deserve it!


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