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A Book Themed Baby Shower

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Last week I threw a baby shower for one of my best childhood friends. We asked guests to bring a book for the baby’s nursery. All the food matched up with children’s books, and each table was book themed as well. We had the Fancy Nancy table, the Mem Fox table, the Steven Kellogg table, and the Dr. Seuss table. I bought a book (Love You Forever) for all the guests to sign too, as a nice record of the shower for the baby.

Pasta salad – Strega Nona
Baby carrots with ranch dressing – The Velveteen Rabbit
Green cupcakes with white icing and a green icing dot in the middle – Green Eggs and Ham
Cookies – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Swedish fish – One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish
Hot chocolate – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
(I also tried to do bacon for Charlotte’s Web, but it didn’t come out so well so I scrapped it.)

We played a match the celebrity couple to their baby game, and then a game where the women had to identify the children’s books by the provided excerpts, characters, or places. I had a lot of fun writing those! I think I made the celebrity baby one too hard…I think the winner was the person who got 5 right, and there were like 22 different couples/babies. Whoops!

My other whoops was forgetting a table cloth for the food table. So, um, ignore that in the pictures please! :-)

book themed baby shower
green eggs and ham cupcakes

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