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A Bit of Nesting


My friend Abbey is a domestic goddess. She cloth diapers, made all her daughter’s baby food, sews, decorates, and runs an awesome baby product store. She’s the reason I started cloth diapering and making our own laundry soap, and she’s the inspiration behind my re-structuring of the Menininho’s toy area.

Previously I’d put all of M’s toys into a giant plastic bin. This made for easy clean-up but it was hard to rotate toys, we often couldn’t find little pieces, and he didn’t really use the toys. Abbey’s post had been in my head for months and so when my friend Julie offered me her son’s old shelf and tubs, I knew it was time to implement my plan. In a surge of nesting I made Mark dump everything out of the toy tub, bring in the shelf from the store room, and take our son out of the house so I could get to work.

I was really happy with the result. Everything is organized by toy type, which should also help with Menininho’s therapy (he can work on sorting, taking turns, and following directions). Looks nice, right?

Then the boys got home. I was on the phone. Within 30 seconds it looked like this:

At least it was pretty easy to clean up. And, the speech therapist was impressed with it when he came over today and was able to incorporate it into the therapy session.

Now I just need to browse Abbey’s blog for nursery decorating ideas! 😉

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  1. I’m laughing because my oldest has the same toy bin in her room and her room CONSTANTLY looks like the second picture!! I do love being able to sort out the different toys though.


  2. O yes we love our toy sorter. It was the best $10 bucks ever spent at a garage sale lol! I need some nursery ideas as well!!


  3. We need one of those. We’re big bin users. :)


  4. I use a similar thing with my daycare kids. I took a picture of the toys in the correct boxes and plan on printing them off, covering with clear contact paper and putting them on the boxes for easy recognition. All dinos in one box, trucks, etc.

    it will help you and him soooo much. And with pictures—Daddy as well.


  5. That looks great Maya!


  6. I have a toddler so, yes, this is the story of my life. I don’t even know why I bother putting toys away anymore! =)



  7. Oh that is hilarious. I feel like the transition from 1 to 2 happens pretty much every night 5 minutes before Scott gets home. “It was NEAT in here, I swear! And, our daughter was wearing pants and I was not laying on the couch.” Things change in the blink of an eye with a toddler. :)


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