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4th of July


I’d had big plans for the 4th, and most of them didn’t work out, sadly. It’s a holiday that was (is) huge in my hometown and I want it to be as fun for my sons as it was for me. I was pretty dismayed to learn there are no parades around here. Storms threatened local fireworks. We planned to attend two parties (church & inlaws’) but I had a bad pain day so we skipped the church party. So, not what I had initially planned, but we had a lot of fun at my inlaws’ and the food was, as always, excellent.

I’m planning to take M & J to my hometown this weekend too, so they can take part in some of the celebrations I grew up with. Last week’s storms hit hard and much of the area is still without power, but the town has enough generators that the street fair and fireworks will go on!

What did you do for the holiday?

preschooler eating
Father and young song
brothers outside

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  1. We didn’t do much either if it makes you feel better. We did some fireworks on the 3rd out at Buckeye Lake and skipped the parade and fireworks in Pickerington because it was so hot and we were super tired.

    Those boys are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    marfmom Reply:

    Yah, it’s SO hot out! This morning I was checking the weather and my hometown is under a severe heat advisory till Saturday night…it’s supposed to be 101 Friday & Saturday, with 87% humidity. Now I’m second guessing making the trip down there, especially since J starts to roast if it’s over 75 degrees out.


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