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Almost to the Weekend!

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This week I am completely and utterly exhausted. Everyone here is finally over their illnesses. I wish I could say the same for M’s therapists! We lost a week and a half of therapy due to the Menininho and Mark being sick and outside of feeling bad for my toddler not feeling well, all I could think about was oh my gosh no one else can get sick because the Menininho is missing too much therapy as it is and this is going to throw off his routine and we’ll be starting two steps back when we start up again.

So, I was all geared up to get him back on track on Monday when he had a complete meltdown in school. I’m talking I had to carry him into the building over my shoulder, he slapped my face, smacked the teacher, laid out in the hallway, banged his head, etc. And everyone just stared at me because he’s never done that at school before, even though he does it all the time elsewhere. (Plus, he was full of grump and attitude yesterday too, his aide told me, further proving he’s having trouble adjusting after so much time off therapy.)

Then his behavioral therapist wrote to switch therapy days, meaning no therapy on Tuesday. And Tuesday his speech therapist called to cancel his appointment due to illness. Then the occupational therapist canceled as well, and rescheduled for Friday. Guess there was no rush for everyone to get better!

I’ve been working on a few other things too, both for M’s therapy and for projects of my own, so that my mind is total mush now. But, today is my last day of PT for a couple weeks and one of my best friends from college is coming this afternoon for the weekend! And Saturday, we’re having a huge Brasilian dinner for Mark’s and my birthdays.

Here’s hoping for a little bit of sleep to go along with what should be a terrific weekend!

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  1. Hope you have a good weekend so you can demush!


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