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2010 in Review


Happy New Year, everyone! I thought I’d kick of 2011 with a recap of some of the best of 2010 (AKA – I didn’t get my stuff together to do this yesterday like everyone else).

January: Interestingly (given where I ended the year), I celebrated finally losing all the baby weight from having the Menininho. I also attended my first play group date, my mother and brother both guest-posted as part of my “Marfan Through the ‘Unaffected’s’ Eyes” series, I wrote a letter to medical professionals everywhere, and I had to give up babywearing the Menininho.

February: I got a super sexy new back brace, which had his own name. Mark guest-posted to finish out the series, I started the Friday Favorites meme, wrote some advice on how to prepare for a child’s visit to the hospital, and bought my own domain name.

March: I wrote tips for both choosing a Marfan cardiologist and a pediatrician, and Kate Gulbranson answered your breastfeeding questions. We met a really bitter salesman, I started acupuncture, and I wrote my most popular blog post: My Beef with the Michael Phelps Marfan Obsession.

April: We announced my pregnancy with Smudge, which led to me explaining why we decided to have another baby. I wasn’t too happy when I found out I wouldn’t be getting an ultrasound for awhile though.

May: This was a month of doctors’ appointments. I had my first prenatal appointment and we took the Menininho in to get his hearing evaluated, where he got referred to a speech therapist. This was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for us.

June: I outlined my personal risks and benefits to having a VBAC, got a new diagnosis, and the Menininho got his first haircut. We also were first introduced to the autism diagnosis and had an uphill battle getting him services.

July: Our family of 3 traveled to Texas for the National Marfan Foundation’s annual conference, where I was surprised with an award. We found out baby Smudge was a boy, and the Menininho had an eventful EEG.

August: New diagnostic criteria for Marfan syndrome were published, so I did a 3 post series about them. I attended my first ICAN meeting, the Menininho signed for the first time, and I ended up in the hospital: twice.

September: Trying to optimize my chances of a successful VBAC, I tried out hypnosis. I showed off Smudge’s MRI pictures, received an email from the CEO of, showed off my intense stretch marks, and the Menininho finally started his therapeutic preschool.

October: We made our annual trip to a pumpkin patch and in the midst of some complications and new information from my OB I put together my birth plan.

November: I had a realization about parenting a child with special needs, came too close to having Smudge, and spent Thanksgiving with some other families from our church.

December: I gave birth to Baby J at the beginning of the month, and took a couple weeks “maternity leave” by posting the birth stories of other women with disabilities.

Here’s to a wonderful 2011 for all of us!

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  1. I cannot believe that a whole year has gone by. I was reading that thinking that you must have gotten some of your dates confused…… crazy how much can happen in one year.


  2. You’ve had an eventful year! Thanks for taking us all along on the journey. :)


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